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Better kind of music.

Do you have a favorite music? A favorite song? I am a hundred and one percent sure that you've got one? Right? Music is the food of the soul. That's why my dad always tell me that most people are inspired, influenced and driven by the type of music they listen to.

Before, my dad used to be so strict that he even controls what I listen to. There are times when the song is on the top spot on the billboard and I even don't know what that song is. But now, he doesn't need to check out the music that I listen to because he knows that I also have limitations when it comes to the music I listen to.

Why is he that strict over music? He was once addicted to rock music. He got so influenced that he even repeated fourth year highschool at the Ateneo. He got his vices out of listening to those kind of music. I also remember that the man who murdered John Lennon, listened to their music, and the man said he heard a voice telling him to kill Lennon.

My dad researched about Backwardmasking and it's a technique that if you backward mask a song, you'll hear different languages or words being played over it's tune. Not to mention that it sounds like the Devil.
That is why I am so conscious of what I listen to. Now, Papa doesn't have to worry about what I listen to. First, I am already an adult and I know what to listen to. I am critical enough and I don't just take in what I listen to.
Have you heard about the Hillsong? It's a church and it's also a band at the same time. Hillsong is based in Australia and I like their so songs so much. If you have lime wire or other file sharing applications try listening to Hillsong.

Actually they're my favorite band. Since I was a kid I've been listening to their music. Before I used to be shy everytime someone asks me what music I like the most. But now, I realized that their music is better than the other so called "music". Why? Because their songs mean so much to me and to all the people who listen to them.

Their songs are for Jesus and when you hear them, they're not the typical "mass" songs you hear. Their music is not boring and it's up to date. You can relate with their songs because you seem to have a deep relationship for Jesus.

They have this song entitled "Better than Life". Last wednesday at our prayer meeting (yes, i actually attend a prayer gathering every wednesday), our band sang their song and evryone was like partying.

I have the video here, try to play it. At first, you may not like it but as the song goes on and on you'll probably love it the way that I do. I also have a copy of the lyrics so you could follow the song.

"Better Than Life"

Better than the riches of this world
Better than the sound of my friends voices
Better than the biggest dreams of my heart
And that's just the start

Better than getting what I say I need
Better than living the life that I want to
Better than the love that anyone could give
Your Love is

You hold me now in Your arms,
And never let me go
You oh Lord made the sun shine
And the moon light in the night sky
You give me breath and all your love
I give my heart to you
Because I can't stop falling in love with you
I'll never stop falling in love with you

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Edited Version

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"Baby on a Pan"

Original Pic

Edited Version1

Edited Version2


Babies.. to look like magical creation of my own... loving babies so much... not that i like to have one... but they make me feel relaxed especially when I look at their innocence... their smile... just love the purple touch!

Original Pic

My Edited Version1

My Edited Version2

"Friends" in Sepia Tone

Edited Version in Sepia Tone

Original Version

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I was wondering what to edit for my web design class first photo editing task (through GIMP). I was quite lost. But after a while, the idea just popped out of my mind. Getting a picture from Uncle Rick's blog. Not just that, I really went to visit his blog to seek some advice, help and inspiration on my very first graded edited work. Finally, I "manually" edited the picture. Putting colors... Making it more of a cartoon rather than a sketch, more animate, filling it out. The "gal" comes out of PIXAR's production... just kidding... nope it came from Rosel's land (my sort of didneyland).. my creation.. though an edited one.. still my own.. a work of my imagination...


Last week, I decided to make my artblog here at blogger. So I was trying to include this 'stuff' in my life. But good thing, Mr. Yuviengco, my Web Design Professor coincidentally asked us to open an account here at blogger. It was really a blessing. Now, it's no longer an added stuff in my life. Instead, it is something that is really close to my heart. This is something I love doing. I was really inspired by my uncle Rick's website. He has his own site and his own artblog. So, here I am, trying to be "like" him. That was a joke. I am not trying to be like him, I just want to try out having an art blog. So I come up with this blog.

By now, I am asking permission from my family, friends, colleagues, church mates, and acquaintances, if I could link you guys here at my blog and please do it the same for me.

Why an art blog? Simply because I love art - sketching, oil painting, lettering, etc.

I am from a family of artists. My grand father, Enrico Cortes did some artworks when he was younger. Some of his works are located in our house, some are in my relative's house. Actually, he didn't attempt to sell his works. But, right now, my tita's and tito's are asking for them. He was an interior designer and he has his own antique shop before. But now, my 'lolo papang', being a US citizen, chose to retire in the States with my grandmother and all his children except for my dad.

A little trivia: actually, my dad was left here becasue he was adopted by my Grandfather's sister, Concepcion Cortes, who happened to be the very first antique dealer in the Philippines. By now, many antique dealers flourished from the different parts of the country. Some are actually closely related to my late grandma.

My uncle rick, brother of my dad, used to work for disney. Now, he's a freelance artist. Some of his works include visual effects for Phil of the Future, Tarzan1, Smallville and etc. If you want to know the whole list click here.

Anyhow, I also thought that an artblog doesn't only contain artworks. It may also contain literature stuffs.

Actually, I'm not good at writing but I once heard that the ability to write is something one could learn doing.