Saturday, April 14, 2007

OJT - 1st day

Okay... before i start it all... the over all feeling is overwhelming.

To begin with Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I received an anonymous call.... but I wasn't able to answer it. Call time:7:40PM
Could it be IBM? I assume... I saved the number and named it IBM.

Came Wednesday, April 4, 2007
I called IBM to follow up my application for OJT (On-the-job-training). What happened? I spoke to a girl and she told me that she'll check my status and call me back.

The next day
I wasn't expecting a call. Absolutely because it's Holy Thursday - and obviously it's a holiday - meaning all the offices are close. So, I told myself that I'll be waiting until next week.

Came Monday, another national holiday in the Philippines.

Came Tuesday, I decided to follow-up again. I dialled the seven digit number and I pressed O to be able to talk to the operator. I told her that I am an OJT applicant. She transferred the call.. and poof! After, a few seconds, I spoke to a girl and gave her my name and my school. She then transferred me to CJ. When I spoke to CJ, He told me that he'll check my status and call me back.

During the night at around 7PM, my phone was ringing.... tenenenten ten ten....

IBM calling...

So, the mysterious caller again... Could it be true... my assumption?

So the voice said.. He's from IBM... So he asked me several questions...
What's your course?
>I replied, BS BUSIness Ad major in E-Commerce.
So what job do you want?
>I said, OJT sir.
He said, no what department would you like?
>I said, IT sir.
He said, what do you do with your course...
>I said, I know adobe photoshop, gimp photoshop, audacity sound editor, html basics...
What else?
>Accounting subjects, BOM and other courses related to that..
He said, when can you start?
>I said, tomorrow...
So he gave me the details...

Came wednesday.. I went there and I was expecting an interview...

I entered 30 minutes earlier.... I was about to meet the very know/popular/Is he a boy or a girl Christian JOY.... So...... He went out he got my resume and after 30 minutes he asked me to follow him... in a room... very cold room... and he asked me to sign the contract... He's a girl... hehehe!

So there... to be continued...