Thursday, November 15, 2007

I miss my IBM so much!!!

Cess blogged about missing IBM... I miss IBM too!!!

MY floor mates.... Trainees at the Recruitment Team

CAT "Hi this is Cat from IBM Business Servicess..."

CESS "Hello, I'm looking for... "

VAL Barney is looking with his oversize pants... joke..

I miss my other OJT mates...

hehe... to be continued..

I miss my blog

It's been so long since I last visited my blog.

My New Frienster Profile


i'm addicted to the color purple.ever since i was in grade school i've been obssesed with purple things.i was a total purple know what i mean! yup.wearing purple clothes, accesories, school things, all started when i had a good friend whose alias is viosmile. she is addicted to the color violet.back then we belong to 6- Lila.talking about it.our grade six sections influenced us a lot.ask a knoller!

[I'm a minor no more♥]

being able to do stuffs you've never done before, legal for marriage, having suitors, having a boyfriend, being allowed to go on gimmicks, going home late without worrying about sermons, learning to be independent,and the like...but i choose not to rebel.. i'm way like 16...haha

[i love ♥ to eat]

i don't want to deprive myself just to please others.

[i'm living a clean life ♥]

i don't have any vice... i don't smoke weeds or cigars, i don't drink alcohol, i don't take drugs...but if you're into such things, i'm not saying you're living a dirty life.

[i love ♥ being a girl]

isn't it fun to be one?


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