Sunday, April 12, 2009

PYC Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings:
1st Saturday-Regular Business Meeting (facilitator: rotation of Core Leaders)
Every Sunday-Youth Mass (Facilitator: rotation according to kawan)
Every Third Saturday-Core Leader's Cell Group (Facilitator: rotation of Core Leaders)
Last Saturday every 3 months-Quarterly Evaluation (Facilitator: rotation of kawan youth heads)

Cell Group system in the Youth Ministry

i'm thinking of doing the cellgroup system in the Youth Ministry of SPP.

The Core group is composed of 21 people.

I will probably hold a cell grouping for the CORE Leaders:
Liza, Marlyn, Marge, Rony, Annalyn, Dan, Cherry, Cat, Liette or whoever seats as the documentation head, Regina, May or whoever seats as the Area Coordinator.
These are about a group of 10 people.
This will be help one a month.
I'll choose a comfortable schedule.

System: Welcome |ice breaker question|, Worship |one prayer and song|, Work |how to improve youth ministry|, Word |reading for the day|

Liza could handle the cell group for the youth heads

The youth heads duplicates the system with their Kawan youth members

The committee heads duplicates the same system with their committee members

This will be the 'alaga' system of the group.


This way, coordinating won't be hard for all of us.

My Blank Canvas (Inspired By Jen Soriano and Doug Fields)

When I started my Parish Youth Ministry journey, I brought with me a blank canvas.
It was early in June that I started bringing this blank canvas to St. Peter Parish.
A very intriguing text from Fr. Tony regarding an emergency meeting with him.
Fr. Tony asking me if I am willing to be St. Peter's Youth Coordinator.
June, first week, meeting with PYM, elected Youth Coordinator.

I noticed by blank canvas has a little sprinkle of yellow.
It was a blank canvas, why does it have a sprinkle of yellow?
I put a name tag on it so people will know that it is mine.
I even put my kawan's name 'Old Balara' on it for distinction.

1st Meeting agreed about the concert.
SPP delegation to Australia.
Came August, cramming for the concert.

Where is my blank canvas?
I cannot see it anymore.
I was trying to look for it everywhere.
No one knows where it is.
I asked Liza, "where is my canvas?"
There it is, she said.
But this is not mine, it has my name on it but my kawan's name 'Old Balara' is not on it anymore. It has a lot of sprinkles.

Concert success.
Parish Youth United.
Team buildings
Leadership Trainings
Medical Missions.
Gift givings.
Alay Pasko kay lolo at lola.
Alay Pasko sa mga bata.
Youth Tasking Day.
Parish Youth Day.
Skills Training.
Cultural Show.
Stations of the Cross.
Ushering activities.
With all I am-Heart of Worship

I suddenly noticed that my blank canvas isn't blank anymore.
It has many colors on it.
Black, white, rainbow.
I didn't put color on it alone.

Liza: I'll sprinkle it with my listening ears and wisdom to share.
Regina: I made fun and uplifting strokes.
Marge: I'll just back you up all through the way
Rony: I'll decorate it with some cheers
Shernan: I'll put laughter on it
Marlyn: I'll share my dancing and singing skills
Diane: I'll put good ideas on it
Cat: Can I decorate it with smiles and a helping hand?
Sarah: I am here, what can I do?
Lala: I'll follow whatever you guys will do
Rose Ann: I can sing...
Ma. Anne: I can sing and dance too!
Liette: I can also share my talents.
Anthony: haha... I have with me my Feria team to back you up!
Thea: I can help!
Jollibee: me too!!!
May: What else can I do?
Lloyd: I'll put some prayer strokes on it!
Cherry: I'll draw some smiles too!
Marga: Oh, me too!
Chito: Here's a dance for you guys!
Gerry: I may be quiet, but I'm here to cheer!
Jayson: hahaha... I'll put some laughter too!
Jeane: I'll paint it together with other youth volunteers from Sto. Nino!
Maki: I have Dupax boys to back you up!
Fr. Tony: God is always with us in every step of the way, we can do this! We can serve him and be of help to our fellow men! Come, paint this beautiful masterpiece with us!

God: Now, my masterpiece is not yet done. Come join and let me finish it with LOVE!

We are calling you to be a YOUTH VOLUNTEER!

Ten things a great small group leader does for the youth ...

Copied from Dough Fields
Ten things a great small group leader does for youth...

  1. Another caring adult is cheering them on.
  2. Encouragement to grow spiritually on their own.
  3. Support during difficult times in their life.
  4. Presence at their sporting events.
  5. Someone who is excited to see them at church.
  6. Someone they are excited to see when they arrive at church.
  7. Someone who leaves them voice messages "just because I was thinking of you."
  8. A caring adult who doesn't freak-out over bad grades--they're capable of being neutral.
  9. Someone who is a "safe" person to talk to.
  10. A person who is tender, yet truthful when my kids need a little correcting.