Friday, April 25, 2008

Easter Sunday Reflection

On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead. I didn't imagine that I'll be able to put away my mask and reveal who truly I am. At different situations, I pretend to be somebody. I try to escape from the reality of who truly I am today.

Since the fall of our business, I needed to adjust to a new lifestyle. I don't go home to a big house anymore. I don't have maids to do the chores for me or even get me a glass of water. I don't have people to run errands for me.

Before, I used to be so proud of myself since I know that my dad is one of the richest in our clan and in the neighborhood. But after the bankruptcy, everybody witnessed how we went down.

But after all, that fall became my motivation to be a better person right now. That fall motivated me to study harder and be the best in every situation. That fall taught me to be a grateful person.

I used to be a brat. I had everything I wanted. I was never deprived of the things that I liked. I was used to instants --- because all i have to do is utter what i need and like a genie everything i wished for are all in front of me.

Sometimes I miss the life that I used to live. Sometimes, I reminisce about those good times that I was on top. But being on top is nothing without God.

Now I graduated from College and with this armor, I could battle through life's adversities. Amidst all, one thing will remain constant. There is a loving God who through all my ups and downs, never abandoned me and continues to love me despite everything.

May this Easter be a reminder for me to strive to be the best that I can be and live my life being a good example of God's love and providence.

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