Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cell Group system in the Youth Ministry

i'm thinking of doing the cellgroup system in the Youth Ministry of SPP.

The Core group is composed of 21 people.

I will probably hold a cell grouping for the CORE Leaders:
Liza, Marlyn, Marge, Rony, Annalyn, Dan, Cherry, Cat, Liette or whoever seats as the documentation head, Regina, May or whoever seats as the Area Coordinator.
These are about a group of 10 people.
This will be help one a month.
I'll choose a comfortable schedule.

System: Welcome |ice breaker question|, Worship |one prayer and song|, Work |how to improve youth ministry|, Word |reading for the day|

Liza could handle the cell group for the youth heads

The youth heads duplicates the system with their Kawan youth members

The committee heads duplicates the same system with their committee members

This will be the 'alaga' system of the group.


This way, coordinating won't be hard for all of us.

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